Dust to Dust

Nevermind that keeping ashes
     on the mantel feels ghoulish,
and comically impractical:
not just another thing,
     a miniature memento urn, to dust,
but dust to dust—
I dread the conversational
     Hara-kiri, not, that’s what’s left
of my brother, but, he died of suicide:
the chasm of silence following the leap—
     so the cremains stay
in the office closet till they migrate
through no will of their own
     to a moving box
I haven’t unpacked and likely won’t.

April Ossmann, "Dust to Dust" from Event Boundaries.  Copyright © 2017 by April Ossmann.  Reprinted by permission of Four Way Books, www.fourwaybooks.com.
Source: Event Boundaries (Four Way Books, 2017)
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