O, Chicago, O'Hare

One among the shifting mass
   of humanity intent
on countless destinations,
   one hungry stomach
and dry mouth among many,
   one brain dazed
by the speed and altitude
   of flights unnatural
to any animal, by herding,
   followed by waiting
succeeded by rushing,
   waiting, herding—
and more flight
to any body contained
   in this seemingly unwieldy
mass of metal lifting
   improbably over Chicago,
where a misty orange aura
   hovers over the city’s
brighter lights, as if
   its soul sought ascension
it could only attempt,
   as if the aura
might break free
   and follow us,
wherever we might fly,
   wheresoever we may rest—
one with the multitude
   of humans en route
through mystery,
   to mystery.

April Ossmann, "O, Chicago, O’Hare" from Event Boundaries.  Copyright © 2017 by April Ossmann.  Reprinted by permission of Four Way Books, www.fourwaybooks.com.
Source: Event Boundaries (Four Way Books, 2017)
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