[I would drive to your grave]

I would drive to your grave but your grave is the crash

the froth foam pebbles small rocks the sand smoothed

soothed each rising each leaving tide you lie in the ocean

the water in the waves your home the stern the back

the wake of a boat those curled white lines of leaving

I would visit your grave but your grave is a single blue

afternoon of passing isles the green and granite shores

I would come to your grave but your grave is the fire

oh mother it is cold tonight and I have no heart

for this burning for the fine sift of ash which is all

that comes back all that comes after I would visit

your house but your things are missing are missing

your touch as your eyes failed I brought you lights

and I would see again that brightness I would drive

to your grave but I am your grave your marker

oh mother I am your stone

Leslie Harrison, "[I would drive to your grave]" from The Book of Endings. Copyright © 2017 by Leslie Harrison. Reprinted by permission of University of Akron Press.
Source: The Book of Endings (University of Akron Press, 2017-10-06)
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