Task Force

Moved all the way here to watch
television alone, swallowed by the grim
news grinning. Fuck a five year plan, first
one passes through Tiananmen the gate
of heavenly peace, emptied public square finery
in summer, purple cupping red azaleas
Happy birth upon a time, Nation!
Reveling in my love for him coquettish
worried, approaching paranoia
for the home country removed that June
The cropped photo best dilated
in our pockets black and white
It was a long hard road continuously reading
analysis metrics, my father knew a guy
worked in sales, was there and saw
them roll in like nothing else
Black pillars to the effective dispersal
I felt nothing pulling
from the airport’s narrowing gate
In the photo we still get perfectly centered
Longview the idiot’s
consumption guide, naturally then
my love for was only

Wendy Xu, "Task Force" from Phrasis.  Copyright © 2017 by Wendy Xu.  Reprinted by permission of the author.