Under a Full Moon at Midnight

This is a paean to relief and ecstasy.
A man's poem of course—the electric ah!
in the long stream arcing a rainbow
under the spotlight moon, a covenant between
mv body and the earth's.
                                             I think of Li Po smiling
silently on Green Mountain and can hear Rumi
drunk on rapture—drink my brother he calls to me,
think of the elephant loosening a great ebullient
stream that floats a river past your house and drop
turds so immense you could build a hut from them
along the shore to shelter your children.
                                                                           What release!
Think of your child pedaling under your hand
and of a sudden—it just happens—you let go
and he's off on his own, free for that first time—
the achieve of, the mastery of the child.
See the stalwart trees in their silence
the stones resting in the driveway, the cat curled asleep
on the front porch, the smear of blood
on the lion's mouth sitting over his fresh gazelle
the morning paper and its stories shouting
for attention. The plenitude of it all.
                                                                And perhaps                    
somewhere a friend is dreaming of me, or someone
a stranger is peeing ecstatic under the same moon.
A covenant then between us.
                                                    True or not. It is no matter.                                    

Merrill Leffler, "Under a Full Moon at Midnight" from Mark the Music. Copyright © 2012 by Merrill Leffler.  Reprinted by permission of Merrill Leffler.
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