An Ordinary Misfortune ["There was a man"]

There was a man. A Japanese soldier. One that did not believe in old superstitions. One that did not believe in sex before battle as charm against harm. He was an odd man. One that did not carry an amulet with pubic hair of a comfort woman. Or any piece of her. His comrades said, Be a man. The equation is, an odd man out is not man. There is no reason for logic in war. There is no reason. There was a man. His comrades said, Come raid, come pillage. Pushed him into the station. Their eyes on the holes in the wall. Watched as he came. Became. What is the equation here. There is a no equation. There was a man. One who said weeping, I am not a man, I am not a man.

Emily  Jungmin Yoon, "An Ordinary Misfortune [”There was a man.”]" from A Cruelty Special to Our Species.  Copyright © 2018 by Emily  Jungmin Yoon.  Reprinted by permission of The Ecco Press (HarperCollins Publishers).
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