Babylon Revisited

The gaunt thing   
with no organs
creeps along the streets
of Europe, she will
commute, in her feathered bat stomach-gown
with no organs
with sores on her insides
even her head
a vast puschamber   
of pus(sy) memories
with no organs
nothing to make babies
she will be the great witch of euro-american legend
who sucked the life
from some unknown nigger
whose name will be known
but whose substance will not ever   
not even by him
who is dead in a pile of dopeskin

This bitch killed a friend of mine named Bob Thompson   
a black painter, a giant, once, she reduced
to a pitiful imitation faggot
full of American holes and a monkey on his back   
slapped airplanes
from the empire state building

May this bitch and her sisters, all of them,   
receive my words
in all their orifices like lye mixed with   
cocola and alaga syrup

feel this shit, bitches, feel it, now laugh your   
hysterectic laughs
while your flesh burns
and your eyes peel to red mud

Amiri Baraka, “Babylon Revisited” from Black Magic (Indianapolis: The Bobbs-Merrill Company, 1969). Copyright © 1969 by Amiri Baraka. Reprinted with the permission of Sll/Sterling Lord Literistic, Inc.
Source: Black Magic (Bobbs-Merrill, 1969)
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