from A Bibliography of the King’s Book or, Eikon Basilike

II. Conversion

I like to be stationary.

Who is not a wild Enthusiast   

in a green meadow   

furious and fell

Arriving on the stage of history   
I saw madness of the world

Stripped of falsification   
and corruption

anthems were singing in Authorem

Father and the Father
by my words will I be justified

Autobiography I saw

Legal righteousness makes us servants   
All good hearers

Opposers or despisers
Night page torn word missing

The family silence   
gave up the ghost

I feared the fall of my child   

resting quietly with some hopes   

as a bird before any

Cape of Wind wreathe   
fame out laughing   
Seated on a cloud   
Seacret drift
seacretly behest   
the dear She
comes to all Guilty   
all circling
Eye window soul body   
Pride cannot bow   
Ariadne’s diadem   
zodiac helmet belt
Susan Howe, excerpt from “A Bibliography of the King’s Book or, Eikon Basilike” from The Noncomformist's Memorial. Copyright © 1993 by Susan Howe. Reprinted with the permission of New Directions Publishing Corporation.
Source: The Nonconformist's Memorial (New Directions Publishing Corporation, 1993)
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