The Watergaw

Ae weet forenicht i’ the yow-trummle   
I saw yon antrin thing,
A watergaw wi’ its chitterin’ licht
Ayont the on-ding;
An’ I thocht o’ the last wild look ye gied   
Afore ye deed!

There was nae reek i’ the laverock’s hoose   
That nicht—an’ nane i’ mine;
But I hae thocht o’ that foolish licht   
Ever sin’ syne;
An’ I think that mebbe at last I ken
What your look meant then.

Hugh MacDiarmid, “The Watergaw” from Selected Poetry. Copyright © 1992 by Alan Riach and Michael Grieve. Reprinted with the permission of New Directions Publishing Corporation.
Source: Complete Poems (Grove/Atlantic Inc., 1993)
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