Above the Human Nerve Domain

To unlock predisposives in carbon   
to cancel sleep as pyretical drachma   
not as transaxial summa
or intense aboriginal invasive
but as promenade
as forgery by craft
as soiled apparitional anagram

as a dark stochastic wheat drained of its magic as drift   
being boundary
being hellish invention as grasp

I am thinking of aroused electrical blockage   
of human monsoon killing as treaty
as breach
as strangled impulse by identity

I mean
the psychic root which is stained by dialectical illness   
by the thought contained in black ozonal mirrors
where general slaughter is reflected
where the mind impels its wits by bleak molecular isolation   
by stunted mangrove withdrawal
by absence from the life of euphoric solar trees

such prone negation
imploded from the realms of a suicide foundry   
of broken wisdom as diamond
it is an eon of fallen snow in a well
an injudicious barrier gone awry
the ingrained Eurocentric example
of the hatred of the darker integument
with its combative belligerence against the core   
of volational mystery

so what concerns me
is a yoga which implodes the sun   
which compounds its runics   
the body then electric
like a stunning sapphire serpent   
with the arc of its cells
alive as interior alter species   
as an eye of analogical waters

no longer of ennui
of the praxis of perfidious helium atrocity   
extended by the vapour of betrayal
by the dazed imperceptives in the molecules

in such preternatural enclave
I swim in the murmur of sun dogs   
of kindled potentate spasms
like interior distillation
from Moorish pre-Copernica

as if
at the height of Kemetic day
there existed the dauntless sphinxian geometries   
those pre-existent personas of lightning
no longer of the form of gravity as bastion   
of lingering ammonia in the genes

but of absent chemical flaw
the body becoming
the magic flight of a transmuted corium   
of the bell of a bloodless liminal amber

Will Alexander, “Above the Human Nerve Domain” from Above the Human Nerve Domain (Pavement Saw Press, 1998). Copyright © 1998 by Will Alexander. Used with the permission of the author.
Source: Above the Human Nerve Domain (Pavement Saw, 1998)