Baby Ate a Microchip

Baby ate a microchip,
Then grabbed a bottle, took a sip.
He swallowed it and made a beep,
And now he’s thinking pretty deep.

He’s downloading his ABCs
And calculating 1-2-3s.
He’s memorizing useless facts
While doing Daddy’s income tax.

He’s processing, and now he thrives
On feeding his internal drives.
He’s throwing fits, and now he fights
With ruthless bits and toothless bytes.

He must be feeling very smug.
But hold on, Baby caught a bug.
Attempting to reboot in haste,   
He accidentally got erased!

“Baby Ate a Microchip.” © 2004 by Neal Levin. Reprinted from Rolling in the Aisles (© 2004 by Meadowbrook Creations) with permission from Meadowbrook Press.
Source: Rolling in the Aisles (Meadowbrook Press, 2004)