from Writing Is an Aid to Memory: 16.

rush to which
            in music I’ve space ready in May
                        percussion getting unasked choice
                              too car too truck beyond wishes   
       everyone cannot have the keys of nicety
                              repercussion bit scrap of that roll broom   
                         pattern of bits
                               to see world sand dollars in one language   
                            space fills thought
            hopper the hours of the block
bang to the real plain warp
            it is easy to ask from rush hour like useful telephone   
calls simultaneously around our heads
                                  untouched by seldom thought   
                            rubble gallop red path on the real part   
                            remove is unsuccessful as follow turns
after the sliver bin bench
    combination finds
                      ment middle blade coast
                                  similar and acquaint them which wonder   
                      many kinds of stuff in the concerns of life   
                               skin the plate
                                  till all the moisture be very clean if   
                                     very short
                                  the care of a particular person is fit   
               holidays come on a Monday and will frequently go   
                         on the tramp of which are placed ballads   
   cribed cloths to scribble it
                                  Thursday per week
                                 spinning children sented to the reducing   
                         of silk
                                        wheel to her work rather runs backwards   
and forwards
   both methods are a long stick and round by an empty one
                  I shall describe or fixed on draws out
                                       the hand is in the basket
                              potatoes are in the bag from the sufficient   
          empty one
                                           wool thod   
               hank on cows
                                           whirling any other earn be very white   
             from mit worms this shell-fish this spinning please   
             fection made worms semble
    but that bow lever the window
      curtain to warm you
       dream pin or on so many others   
         emergency say bottom snow
          fill up of and sentimental tickle
                      look foolish and know my prima golden weary
                                  suitable for a mental might
                           of sentimental weep for into more
                                    tickle little confess
                                    the more regretted cozy paradise
                                    the nature of my thirty-seven of whom   
                        my own astonished sequel

Lyn Hejinian, “#16” from Writing Is an Aid to Memory. Copyright © 1996 by Lyn Hejinian. Reprinted with the permission of Green Integer Books,
Source: Writing Is an Aid to Memory (Sun & Moon Press, 1996)