from Writing Is an Aid to Memory: 17.

the bird carries its peck up the branch   
                        or more
                        of the which pretty little flower
       ear dozen

                              study forces the day upright
                        pretty flower to protect the eye in sunshine   
                                    with a white is made tall in warm   
                              the dead are used over
                              the major insects was that
                              tile the rent become mortgage money
      fortress replaced by a more natural forest
                               tints the tall flowers
                  leap the embarrassment of a great subject   
            high in my own eyes hanging over the day
      from this aviation is clumsy
                      or even desirable diction
                     nook soaring when the moon is how romantic   
                   music pera slid clear
                              shadow when omitted is obviously wrong   
                     or no
               lighting by trees is beautiful

Lyn Hejinian, “#17” from Writing Is an Aid to Memory. Copyright © 1996 by Lyn Hejinian. Reprinted with the permission of Green Integer Books,
Source: Writing Is an Aid to Memory (Sun & Moon Press, 1996)