Hotel François 1er

It was a very little while and they had gone in front of it. It was that they had liked it would it bear. It was a very much adjoined a follower. Flower of an adding where a follower.
    Have I come in. Will in suggestion.
    They may like hours in catching.
    It is always a pleasure to remember.
    Have a habit.
    Any name will very well wear better.
    All who live round about there.
    Have a manner.
    The hotel François Ier.
    Just winter so.
    It is indubitably often that she is as denied to soften help to when it is in all in midst of which in vehemence to taken given in a bestowal show than left help in double.
    Having noticed often that it is newly noticed which makes older often.
    The world has become smaller and more beautiful.
    The world is grown smaller and more beautiful. That is it.   
    Yes that is it.
    If he liked to live elsewhere that was natural.
    If he was accompanied.
    Place praise places.
    But you do.   
    Partly for you.
    Will he he wild in having a room soon. He was not very welcome. Safety in their choice.
    Amy whether they thought much of merry. I do marry del Val.
    I know how many do walk too.
    It was a while that they did wait for them to have an apple.
    An apple.
    She may do this for the Hotel Lion d’Or.


    Buy me yesterday for they may adhere to coffee.   
    It is without doubt no pleasure to walk about.


    The romance of the Hotel François premier is this that it was seen on a Saturday.


    In snatches
    A little a boy was three, two of them were three others.
    She may be right I told her. I thought it well to tell her. They told them. They were avoiding nothing. And so.
    Do they and are they will they for them to be remarkable.
    Now think.


    Repose while she does.


   An aided advantage in touch with delight.   


    Just as they will have by nearly whether.
    What is the difference between a thing seen and what do you mean.
    Regularly in narrative.
    Who is interested in Howard’s mother or in Kitty’s mother or in James as George. Dear James as George.
    A target.
    Those of course of us who have forgotten war have been mean.   
    I mean I mean was not spoken of the sun.
    Do think of the sun.


    A chance to have no noise in or because.


    They change being interested there to being interested there.   

Hotel François Ier

    To and two to be true.
    They will be with me
    To have you
    To be true to this
    And to have them
    To be true
    They will have them to be true


    Just as they were ten.


    Who made them then.
    Which made him.
    Do they come then
    Join and just and join and just join them with and then.
    It is very often that they are dissolved in tears.


    Should it show where they are mine.
                                  And his care.
    It was that they might place them all of them.   
    Just why they do so.
    To call Howard seated.
    I never leave Howard.

Hotel White Bird

    She may be like that
    For me to choose.


    Our just as assume
    Leave riches with her   
    Are dovetail an origin   
    With wood.


    But she
    Can go clearly
    To pieces
    By adding act one
    By add may meant scene one.   
    Left done right and left done.
    She will never think in pointing in property inviting.


    Just shown as their agent.


    Just shown.
    As their




    They will read better


    With other


    They have known a platter better.   
    Thank you

My dear   

    My dear
    How are you   
    This is for you.   
    How are you   
    This is
    For you
    How are you   
    My dear
    My dear
    How are you.


    Love which
    Love which
    To love which
    Which to love which
    My dear how are you.


    Just why they went.
    They went
    They were to have gone
    And they did go
    And they went.
    What did they do.
    How are you
    My dear
    How do you do
    How are you.


    Oh choose the better
    Oh choose you
    Oh choose for you


    She made it better.


    By the choice of more
    That is why
    My dear
    You are
    How are you   
    How do you do   
    You are better   


    She meant well.


    Much better


    Very much better   


    She had eight
    As the date
    Full date
    We date
    We have to relate
    The cause
    Of bringing
    It for her
    It was light
    As weight.
    But she enjoyed it.
    For it was
    Not more than
    Not too late


    Not at all


    She is very well I thank you.

For them

    Just joined James.
    In no way a disappointment.
    They must have met with them which was in the capacity to lead and leave.
    Our house contains. That is made back with idem. Idem the same just please come and claim our house as a lot which we have in a home. This is what made a pioneer.
    Leave a nature to rain.
    It makes no difference if they use it.
    A narrative oh how often have I thought that a narrative.   
    How often will a narrative do.
    Complain about fifty narratives perfectly.
    He is waiting not for his food but for his appointment. Dear dear.
    Plenty of bread and butter.
    He is waiting not for his food.
    Resignation does not mean narrative.
    He is to come welcome, as well as having left welcome is not a narrative but foolishly.
    I was completely persuaded by Mrs. Tolstoy but she told me.   
    She was completely persuaded by William but she told me.   
    How should either have been headed very often.
    That is astonishing a narrative and I would so much rather be poetical.
    For me.
    I love poetical history for me.
    I love poetical and still for me.
    I love poetical will poetical for me by me.
    The best of wishes
    He wishes he came away he wishes.
    Just why he wishes.
    Joined by
    He wishes.
    A narrative of relieve
    He wishes.

Think William

    So few this further.   
    I will reward
    An error
    Of regard.

Hotel François Ier

    Was there
    A surprise
    In nearly not to face
    That the name
    Was the same.


    How far are you not to leave them.   


    With a colored message to know colors were. To know there his coloring there.


    She made no mistake. To take not only with it. When she came to mend they say.


    Garments were a separate desire pleasure. She made hours a desired separated measure. With them they actually considered why it is a treasure. Must it become be how even much with pleasure.


    She used pleasure exactly.


    They are neither here or there.


    Or there it mostly widened for in invite there. Them there who how did it. Do this for them.


    Should it be shown. No how who ever coupled a dog out of a pleasure or round. Around. See me a round. It is polite. Let us congratulate ice rice.


    They made no mistake to be indifferent. How which come faithfully or. Will it be easy. Not for me.


    Adjust, add edge to adjoin wine. Wine is a drink. Water. Watered wine. We weigh wine.


    They must expect one of you.   


    She may expect two of you.   


    What does she expect   
    You to do.


    Come with me and sit with me


    I am afraid if she waits longer it will do her an injury.   


    She liked forests in a pity.


    With forest too.


    Will forests do.


    What is it a pity will forests pretty.   


    Forests are there




    She must be without it


    Old when


    A forest deer


    Makes it pay me


    To call her.

With them

    When they came in some one was waiting   
    When they arrived they said something   
    Some one was waiting when they came in.

Just Church

    We stay gathered
    With them intentionally
    Have they met them
    With Church
    Just as if in incompetence
    I must have leaving weather
    As much with confidence
    In Church.


    Be wider with lather   
    Rather a darkening
    Of with gather
    That they will
    Just why
    They have this
    As mother be occasion
    To have rejoiced then ring
    A bell soon.
    She must be just which they do.   


    Why cups of butter.
    They will
    In the morning
    To be fatter.


    Drop him for me.
    Does wish.


    They make her mending large
    To have a doll   
    Do be careless   
    In hope
    Of pointing
    Their dispatch   
    Of hurry
    Hurry and come in.
    It is of no use.   
    Hours of trying   
    That is what breaks
    In cups with more rather
    They wish.
    Do I know whether she has come in or out.

How ours

    Very fairly selfish
    Some sealed fake ponds   
    Very much as they hear like
    May down in implied


    Ears if they accustom to born
    With counted help her
    I do not think better help is ugly
    By which
    In win.
    Just why a repelled for her   
    They might in nature   
    Come for
    They caress
    A dove tailed
    In succeeding.
    Nobody knows me.   
    Our too.

She is my bride

    They make safety in seventy plus fourteen. As known as never hearing figures.

    What will she see when she hears me.

    It is after.   
    All mine.

    Powers in because of up with their resource.   


    There is no use in eiderdown
    But yes
    Leaves which have been that they can win   
    With yes.
    To guess
    Would she choose what he would use.   
    He asked tell her to judge when   
    And because it is fine.


    Allan Ullman knew me
    He was prepared next of kin   
    To sink and swim
    With magnifying carving   
    Should make
    It is well to have held a pillow   
    Or other corals

At fourteen

    It is extraordinary
    That she made fourteen   
    And will make fourteen   
    And does fourteen sixteen   
    It is extraordinary.

How are they hoping

    It is old to think of welcome heavy women
    She was fourteen.
    They liked to have owls look unlike a pigeon they do look like. That is a pigeon can be mistaken. For an owl.

How many things happen   

    A great many things happen

Every time

    Every time they mix they make it different women   
    Who has sung men.
    Do be careful of sung.
    Checkers among.
    Half of them sung,
    Every time they changed they forgot all they bought.   
    However they bought.
    It is very not useful but exceptional.

A part

    Allan Ullman who knew me.
    Separately from three his brother mother and father. He knew me. He said when he knew me he separately regretted one two three not he.

Our page

    How could it be a little whatever he liked.   

Morning glories

    He made as stable morning glories
    For the next to handle   
    Their regret.
    Morning glories were eighteen to the dozen
    Forty made fifteen.
    Everybody who has been for them.
    In add her add coming.   
    Too many thousands
    I have a link with a king.

Francis Rose

    Shut up
    And stay shut
    Where they drink all the better
    For families of yet get her
    With them in ravishes
    Between them with dishes
    And they came then with her
    In precious labor with love
    He may yet get wealth in getting tender   
    Which they make stronger
    With us
    Thank you.
    How many cakes make jell for jelly
    And how many loves make bless
    A little flower of rather think better embellishment.   
    Just why join mass
    A mass is a towing to a lock.
    At towed they devise   
    How to a challenge.
    Challenge has nothing to do with him.
    How are heads held Howard.
    She cooked and seized.   
    Cooked and seized
    She cooked and seized.   
    Cooked and seized.   
    Bridle is paths.
    Just as about a path   
    Just as a path
    Just as a path.
    It makes no difference whether four
    Ate one.
    Sum to sum.
    Our adding is more hours.
    Ate one
    Just as well ate one   
    Just as well eight one   
    Just as well eight   
    One just as well   
    Eight one.
    How much are they like me
    After walked.
    Before walked
    He made her talk   
    To have her
    After walked
    And leave a walk
    Leave walk
    Or leave her leave walked.
    It is an error
    Join me
    With observation   
    She may be
    Our hour glass
    Which we sought   
    And have not bought   
    For our hour be   
    Be an hour for me.   
    Such is sought
    And here bought   
    For our be
    Her be
    Err be
    Come Francis Rose   
    Or be
    Forty leave fifteen   
    Thrilled be
    Or sought by
    It for him
    Or for
    For him to be   
    When they may   
    They may
    Shall shelter
    They make
    As they may be   
    For and to be
    Nobody knows how old showers are.   
    Or how should hours should be.
    In inlay should be   
    That with mean
    With be
    With held will then
    In to be.
    What is a square.

She should be

    What could it prove
    If it made no difference   
    To them

Dear dog

    Dear dog
    What do and does it leave   
    Dear dog.
    He likes to see
    Dear dog
    But did he know it was he.   
    Leave dear dog where he is   
    Otherwise it is.
    Not satisfied.

With him

    Just why they ate   
    In state
    With him.

Why does it come like that

    He so happily is present.   
    When it comes like that.   
    From him
    She so pleasantly is present   
    When it has come from him.   
    She so happily is present.   
    When it comes from him   
    So happily from him
    When it comes so happily out of him.

He says obey

    I obey which is to say
    They come to-day.
    And she closes the door   
    With delay.
    But will
    To happen to happen yes.   
    She sits with him for him   
    We know the difference


    I little thought of how it went   
    When they were told
    It had been better with them   
    Just yet.

Better heeded

    Should rejoice be to arrange
    Will they tell they until they are strange
    Let them be for me to estrange
    That they will until they change
    For them will they until they have caught it to arrange   
    They will estrange
    Because they can be blamed for the arrangement of their change to change and arrange to be strange and well intended to come to derange them then for them in abundance to them in a vice, who held them
    In a vice
    To them to arrange
    For them it is strange
    That to them for them
    They arrange
    In them for a vessel which is meant a book   
    A book look twice
    He held him twice   
    To make him twice   
    Shake dice
    To be thought tranquil   
    In their wear
    Come catch with capable   
    To be to like
    A tree
    For them capable   
    Underwent in anger   
    They must be sensibly made with them for them   
    She might hinder   
    All of them
    Ultimately cornered   
    All of them as meant   
    In clouds
    Who ate them
    Made in generosity   
    For them to have it   
    In undertaking
    She might be wonderful   
    They might in undertaking
    Shall he have pleasure   
    In their recognising   
    Why they were often   
    Just as much as three
    Which they may would
    It may weight wood   
    For them ultimately   
    Better than could.   
    It might be careful   
    Who has made them
    Who might have made them   
    Ultimately careful   
    With them.
    For them.

Gertrude Stein, “Hotel François 1er” from The Yale Gertrude Stein (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1980). Reprinted with the permission of Mr. Stanford Gann Jr., Levin & Gann, P.A., Literary Executor of the Estate of Gertrude Stein.
Source: The Yale Gertrude Stein (Yale University Press, 1980)
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