What the Leaf Told Me

Today I saw the word written on the poplar leaves.

It was dazzle’. The dazzle of the poplars.

As a leaf startles out

from an undifferentiated mass of foliage,

so the word did from a leaf—

A Mirage Of The Delicate Polyglot

inventing itself as cipher. But this, in shifts & gyrations,

grew in brightness, so bright

the massy poplars soon outshone the sun . . .

‘My light—my dew—my breeze—my bloom’. Reflections

In A Wren’s Eye.

Ronald Johnson, “What the Leaf Told Me” from The Book of the Green Man. Copyright © 1967 by Ronald Johnson. Used by permission of the Literary Estate of Ronald Johnson.
Source: The Book of the Green Man (W. W. Norton and Company Inc., 1967)
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