for John Wieners

I cut out the “Heart with Snowflake”
Myself but it is not mine, Forget
This bloody coat bloody shirt, I
Think it is the writing that makes
Me sick, The scores and scores of
Incidental music, this nosebleed all
Spring all wet, I’m positively angry
with the Impertinence of it! I’m
Sewing up the kinks in this film, I’m
Trying to! I’m trying to burn a light
Between, There’s a light and I cable
my voice on it but it rips when I trace
OF DEATH “Oh build it!” Sings the
Heart, “My coat would be so bloodied
I could wiggle out of my coat!”
Cedar Sigo, "Speedway" from Stranger in Town, City Lights Spotlight No. 4. Copyright © 2010 by Cedar Sigo.  Reprinted by permission of City Lights Books.
Source: Stranger in Town (City Lights Books, 2010)
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