Difficulties of a Heavy Body

a sense of
his thirty-third year
his elbow
any kind of
he says
must be allowed to mature
an accident leaves him
and finally
the swallows
by way of
curiosity he is no hand
by no means
to depict
a woman
often he knows
a crowded room
just out of
his mother
he falls between the pursuit
and a case he’d sooner forget
he has a
female muscle
for impact
streets enough
to welcome snow
he knowingly succumbs to the
brown sitzbaths
his wife touches
a foretaste so vivid that
the sheen of
timber upsets
in going
this sort of
difficulties of a
heavy body
placed in
alternating gestures

Rosmarie Waldrop, "Difficulties of a Heavy Body" from Another Language: Selected Poems. Copyright © 1997 by Rosmarie Waldrop.  Reprinted by permission of Rosmarie Waldrop.
Source: Another Language: Selected Poems (Talisman House Publishers, 1997)
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