A Physics of Desire

at  first  she  thinks  the  attraction  does not
fill  her  with  enough  blood ,  but
with  a  thing  like  the  dove —    White and coloured
feathers   —   Bones  unlike  her  own
bones  that  gravity  can’t  pull  down  ,  a milky  thing
unlike   the  seas .           Fills
           her  with    a                      wind —    Starch  rustle  of the quick
passing  of    things  ,  then    silence   afterwards
of  the  things that passed —    that gave the wind
                            its  sound      ,   not       unlike     what   split
the fireworks  in  the  high  school  park   into   fanning particles
of  flame .    The   peacock    that      is  the   world ,         bird
of       breathing  colour    between  them —    Bird
that  is  everything to  choose from   —   or the one thing  ,
    sacred bone of the particular    —

Annah Sobelman, “A Physics of Desire” from In the Bee Latitudes. Copyright © 2012 by Annah Sobelman. Reprinted by permission of University of California Press.
Source: In the Bee Latitudes (University of California Press, 2012)