Unused Baby

Unused baby blood and this is
how you motion with hands
clotty leaving

   You have your apparatus
being the Frog Husband and I burn
your frog skin to keep you
in the shape I prefer

   Chimes   You wrote in your apple
box   Elegant neck

   I tried to glue the ripped
paper back to the religious
art but it doesn't work

   Making a mess of it

   Wasp friend landed on my
shoulder sparkle to say     This place
we are in            is a place

             Broil the asparagus

   Frog heart

   Wash towels and rags
on Wednesdays

Hoa Nguyen, "Unused Baby" from As Long as Trees Last. Copyright © 2012 by Hoa Nguyen.  Reprinted by permission of Wave Books and the author.
Source: As Long as Trees Last (Wave Books, 2012)
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