words under pressure bleed original sense

The trouble with paradise is you never want to be away from home.

I make what calls me out.
All gone before you know it.

Words may drop passing color yet seeing you here now are born again, and again.
Closing a word in the mouth feels the sound until the tongue can't stay still.

To unmask is to go silent.
Language makes no promise to communicate.

An articulated sound has its own dream in the ear.
Her presence in the room gives aroma to the syllables I voice.

Now she's ready to draw eros from foreign bodies.
It starts by focusing on the sounds beyond hearing, still felt.

By she I mean who speaking animate configures.
This is the time of alternative obscurities to see through.

Through thoroughly, as a word weighs.

George Quasha, "words under pressure bleed original sense" from speaking animate: preverbs. Copyright © 2014 by George Quasha.  Reprinted by permission of Station Hill Press.
Source: speaking animate: preverbs (Station Hill Press, 2014)
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