It's been a long time

                   NOTES FROM THE REVOLUTION

During the beat of this story you may find other beats. I mean
a beat, I mean Cantus, I mean Firm us, I mean paper, I mean in
the Kingdom which is coming, which is here in discovery.

It is also Om Shri Maitreya, you don't go across my vibes,
but with them, losing the pronoun. It is Thy, it is Thee,
it is I, it is me.

Machines are metal, they serve us, we take care of them. This
is to me, and this is to you. You say you to me, and I say you
to you. Some machines are very delicate, they are precise, they
are not big metal stampers, She made enough poetry to keep
her company.

My Vibes. You intercepted my vibes. The long shadows,
the long shadows, the long shadows. My sweet little tone,
my sweet little tone is my arm.
On what Only: The song that girl sang the song that girl sang

Joanne Kyger, "Notes from the Revolution" from As Ever: Selected Poems, published by Penguin Group, Inc. Copyright © 2002 by Joanne Kyger.  Reprinted by permission of Joanne Kyger.
Source: As Ever: Selected Poems (Penguin Books, 2002)
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