Twenty Five Haiku

A hundred red fire ants scouring, scouring the white peony

Fallen plum blossoms return to the branch, you sleep, then
                 harden again

Cuttlefish in my palm stiffens with rigor mortis, boy toys can't

Neighbor's barn: grass mat, crickets, Blue Boy, trowel handle,
                 dress soaked in mud

Iron-headed mace; double-studded halberd slice into emptiness

O fierce Oghuz, tie me to two wild elephants, tear me in half

O my swarthy herder, two-humped bactrian, drive me the long

Forceps, tongs, bushi, whip, flanks, scabbard, stirrup, goads,
distaff, wither, awl

Black-eyed Susans, Queen Anne's lace, bounty of cyclamen,
mown paths erupt

Gaze at the charred hills, the woebegone kiosks, we are all
God's hussies

I have not fondled the emperor's lapdog, whose name is Black

Urge your horses into the mist-swilled Galilee, O sweet

Her Majesty's randying up the jewel stairs to find the pleasure

Ancient pond; the frog jumps in and in and in: the deep slap of

The frog jumps into the ancient pond; she says, no, I am not

Coyote cooked his dead wife's vagina and fed it to his new wife

I plucked out three white pubic hairs and they turned into
                 flying monkeys

Let's do it on the antimacassar, on the antimacassar

Little Red drew her teeny pistol from her basket and said "eat

Chimera: Madame Pol Pot grafting a date tree onto a date tree

His unworthy appendage, his mutinous henchman grazed my
                 pink cheeks

He on top now changes to bottom, Goddess welcomes her

Fish fish fowl fowl, mock me Mistress Bean Curd, I am both
                 duck and essence

Don't touch him, bitch, we're engaged; and besides, he's
wearing my nipple ring

Sing sing little yellow blight rage rage against the dying of the
Marilyn Chin, "Twenty Five Haiku" from Hard Love Province. Copyright © 2014 by Marilyn Chin. Used by permission of the author and W. W. Norton & Company, Inc.
Source: Hard Love Province (W. W. Norton & Company Inc., 2014)