30 One-Liners

          More time is spent at the window.

          You go along from day to day with summer all around you.

          Stores tell all about people who live in the area.

          Others have already written what I would like to write.

          Today the sky is so blue it burns.

                                    IN THE COUNTRY
          In the country one can almost hear the silence.

                                   THE FOUR SEASONS
           The four seasons of the year permit us to enjoy things.

           Smear each side of a pork chop with mustard and dredge in

                                          BOOK WORM
          Have always had nose stuck in book from little on.

                                       THAT FEELING
           What defines that feeling one has when gazing at a rock?

                                         COSTA RICA
          It was in Costa Rica I saw my first coffee plantation.

           Happiness is nothing more than a state of mind.

          Money will buy a fine dog.

                                  OUR GOVERNMENT
           A new program is being introduced by our government.

           On the whole he is a beautiful human being.

          A lake attracts a man and wife and members of a family.

                                               THE SKY
           We see so many different things when we look at the sky.

                                   A SEXY THOUGHT
          Male early in the day.

          One can only go so far without potatoes in the kitchen.

          A mother is something we have all had.

                                       MODERN TIMES
           Every four minutes a car comes off the assembly line they say.

                                          THE OCEAN
           Foamy waves wash to shore "treasures" as a sacrifice to damp

           High density housing is going on all around us.

                                            REAL LIFE
          I could have screamed the day John proposed winterizing
the cottage and living there permanently.

          I am a very cold person here.

                      THE YEAR OF THE WHITE MAN
          The year of the white man was a year of many beads.

          Loyalty, I feel, is a very big word.

                      SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT
           Perhaps in our mad scramble to keep our heads above water
we miss the point.

                                     HUMAN NATURE
          Why must we be so intent on destroying everything we

          Winifred was a little relieved when they were gone.
Joe Brainard, "30 One-Liners" from The Collected Writings of Joe Brainard. Copyright © 2012 by Joe Brainard.  Reprinted by permission of The Library of America.
Source: The Collected Writings of Joe Brainard (Library of America, 2012)
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