Le sporting-club de Monte Carlo (for Lena Horne)

The lady is a tramp
        a camp
        a lamp

The lady is a sight
        a might
        a light
the lady devastated
an alley or two
reverberated through the valley
which leads to me, and you

the lady is the apple
of God's eye:
He's cool enough about it
but He tends to strut a little
when she passes by

the lady is a wonder
daughter of the thunder
smashing cages
legislating rages
with the voice of ages
singing us through.

James Baldwin, "Le sporting-club de Monte Carlo (for Lena Horne)" from Jimmy’s Blues. Copyright © 2014 by The James Baldwin Estate. Reprinted by permission of Beacon Press.
Source: Jimmy's Blues and Other Poems (Beacon, 2014)
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