from The Unfollowing: 20

Wake up, get married, be born
First A and B pick up the trunk, then C relieves A and A wanders off, then D
         takes B’s end and B goes in search of A, but A is nowhere to be found,
         and C and D make off with the trunk
Long are the lazy man’s laws, the kittens are in the kitchen, the child’s chin aids

Maybe I’m dreaming I’m naked except for a long black t-shirt I’m dreaming

Bring on the aspirin and bread, the vitamin C and gin

We have fourteen names for blue and that doesn’t even count “meridian”

Diderot, Audrey Hepburn, Hegel, Charles Dickens, and Gertrude Stein

Shadow bird shouting

White coral fencing

The butcher on Sunday, Pablo Ruiz, lives south of here (in F___) and has five
         kids—how full of vitality he is
She leaves us behind in the interstices of competence
Origami, irreverence, sand on the wing of an ibis
She drops a bucket down a thick well, she whacks a golfball longer than a marble
Rude and shoed, should and lead, reed

Lyn Hejinian, "20" from The Unfollowing.  Copyright © 2016 by Lyn Hejinian.  Reprinted by permission of Omnidawn Publishing.
Source: The Unfollowing (Omnidawn Publishing, 2016)