You'd Think the Sky Would Run Out of Water

You'd think the sky would run out of water,
but it won't; it just keeps coming down. I need someone
to marvel at the breath escaping from me.
Do you have a natural resource you prefer to exploit?
Does someone think of you and turn the channel?
How would you ever know?
Have you ever zoned out during Downton Abbey?
I'm certain of something I'd prefer not to tell you about.
"Slow down," you say. But I can already see my breath,
and its only October. Walking with you is making everything
watery and spazzed out, like a movie about sex
where I have sex and people are all like,
"He's amazing, we really like his sex style!"
But I digress. Will you please stand up when called upon to tell
the audience how wonderful I was in my best moments;
like someone in senior management delegating things and being sure
of everything but how to stop? I promise I'll make this up to 
you. I'll write your name on the menu board,
and people will come into the store all expectant of you.

Todd Colby, "You’d Think the Sky Would Run Out of Water" from Splash State. Copyright © 2014 by Todd Colby. Reprinted by permission of The Song Cave.
Source: Splash State (The Song Cave, 2014)
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