In a Nutshell

I realize there is simply no way
to stay up in the air with a sustained flapping motion. Sucks!
But that doesn't mean I can't try.
How odd to eat only white bread for levity. In spite
of its limitations, you must consider the possibilities
of leaping, daily. Whatever monster ails you,
leap into the cool wind. I hope you consider me an authority.
You don't know what this means. Yet.
I have the necessary education
for this type of work. I will imitate the sound
of your father laughing into a microphone
through a public address system in your place of work.
How did that idea get into these instructions?
I'm going to put stickers on the back of your shirt
that will instruct people how to behave around you.
Then, I'll leap through the air above you when you exit the subway.
I just wanted to give you these instructions in a nutshell.

Todd Colby, "In a Nutshell" from Splash State. Copyright © 2014 by Todd Colby. Reprinted by permission of The Song Cave.
Source: Splah State (The Song Cave, 2014)