• Dominations: Rational, Romantic, Ironic
    By Philip Murray
  • Edwin Arlington Robinson, by Yvor Winters
    By Philip Murray
  • The Collected Poetry of Aldous Huxley (Ed. by Donald Watt)
    By Philip Murray
  • The School for Wives, by Molière (Tr. by Richard Wilbur)
    By Philip Murray
  • Shifts
  • Heaved from the Earth, by Besmilr Brigham
  • Pili's Wall, by Philip Levine
  • Upstate, by Dugan Gilman
  • The Tattooed Desert, by Richard Shelton
  • To the End of West, by Henry Chapin
  • Messages, by Sidney Goldfarb
  • Power Politics, by Margaret Atwood
  • Homespun of Oatmeal Gray, by Paul Goodman
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