By Tan Lin
Oh: I am analytic &
0-1 in a given

region (unloved/
labial) and such

unlikeness in a most
minor foot

: signs suggest
: an ampersand.

To be old is
to be ode.

To be

is a stipulation
: a slope on the sycamore

: a day when

are the middle
of a week.

Ode to weakness, whatever I am:
the situation inside

the marriage
(phonetic notation).

(situation) to the rodeo.
The fleece demeans

the contribution.

It would be impractical
(lateral tap) to explain

impoverished speakers.
In English:

to pronounce sounds.
I care if I am kissed.

My father came back floral
(Augmentations in Audio)

and floral is a door.
Oh: middle low

IPA key.
Rhyme the half long

phones. Oh half
in the past.

Oh. And
again. Oh.