From “Daybook”

let’s start there. let’s start there.   (3 /9

new oddcouple friendship
raised many eyebrows
one thing he doesn’t want

               “I come in peace
and basketball
some hungover blue blue

a doe-eyed girl, I was
trying to tell you a simple story
did you want me back

on Celebrity Apprentice
yes yes yes yes
a real human being

who let his guard down
            ((he’s not his dad
I’m sleeping in your bed

while you sleep smothered
in stars, a foreign city
not the dirtbag

you fight to shrug off inside
he says that
he don’t want war

doesn’t want to touch
this tattooed body
sheltered in a solar cave

what the cuban missile crisis was for the us   (3 /10

do my best across
two thousand miles
to “seem very close and          “very real

constantly having shrugged off
this new sense of vulnerability
like seeing Peggy at nineteen weeks

           ((womanly, growing growing

each day we don’t talk
I fail to matter,      the sky
breaches      some tense standstill

even small miscalculations
die deep in the earth,
(whose womb           ((unburnt

what in the world between us
could start         again
that negative sun

                   could quickly inflame

another way of saying
dew point          hoarfrost,
white tendrils cast

nuclear winter keeps trying
     to speak to me
didn’t answer two calls

((quickly ((quickly pull together

heightened fears

This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or 

just one accidental step   (3 /11

       severs the hotline                                   

if this amounts to speculation   (3 /15

the new dear leader fends off assassins
while I’m in my 9th cup of tears

the world / disaster of misunderstood longings
((strange duration

          “strikingly similar effacement in
                        prewar Chinese and Japanese cartography

                                                 he’s something quite remarkable
                                                 strong, conniving, poised to appear
                                                 on a global stage

           “‘virtual nonentity,’ a mere               region —

                       “whose ‘natural’ function was to serve

am I capable

touching his eyelid, chin, upper lip
where the tooth went through
and there

                           of riding a hysterical horse into the sea

                                                       did you feel safe? cared after?
                                                       I was in the villages then.
                                                       it’s hard for me to say.

(uncertain, unsteady, unsure —

                                in just one year   to float
                                my skin softened strange, did I
                                know where I was   who

                                      southeast   northwest // southwest   northeast

        in just one year      the same sun
        moves from one place to another
        the heart’s entrails abandoned, too


given its almost certain destruction,   (3 /16

                                                     snow announces no spring
                                                     no faith left in me             , disregards
                                                     ((such impenetrable weather

                                                                                 phosphorescent bug

             “Let the American imperialists and
              their followers know!” the paper said.
             “We are not a pushover like Iraq or Libya.”

a human region, not a geophysical one

draws a mark
to make a horizon, if
only to see you again

                            pleasure in making the international community jumpy

                                                                                                   no boundary
                                                                                                   no home
                                                                                                   no disaster
                                                                                                   no dilemma

                                                                                                   one heart
                                                                                                   one mind
                                                                                                   one truth

   밥  먹었어?

                                                 to have crossed new and dangerous lines

my side aches, how it all speaks to me
vague clouds inside   a name
can my attention deliver it

what harm in reaching out   from
a network   branching underground
more tremors, a biting pain

                          another day

to “encircle” and contain   (3 /18

five days, no sky appears

latest successful test of
unspoken boundaries
furthers silence,

            disfigures my attention
toward fabric softener,
artificial sweeteners,      black
mold sweeping the hallways
I have to stand seven hours a day

I want to be known to you
the world over
not cordoned off            thrown
              ((orange pits on the floor