— We seen his mama she dry and scant

By hook or by bent
I guttle the rudimental stories.

I’m all in-scoop
suck and swallow by dint of birth. Of shape.

— Were you hallow-nursed on riversource
upon a time (or ‘the rocky breasts forever’) I was not.

I learned to lie in want
for succor-food; for forms; I lunged I gulped for what I got.

Nowadays to need
to come by what comes by here comes natural and needs no bait.

Just steep dead-still as a blacksnake
creek and wait.

                        [my chokesome weeds, my crook, my lack, my epiphytes, my cypress knees    ...    ]

This old appetite as chronic as tides — 
on foot or by boat by night (please) come slake me with radicle stories.

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