Jefferson Davis the Adoptive Father of the Mulatto Jim Limber Dreams He Is Crowned King of the Confederacy

When Richmond is finally        one of the

world’s great capitals I will line the streets

with apple trees         and whenever a gust

of wind sweeps the blossoms from the branches

troops of white petals will rush among the

citizens         and they will be reminded

of the fearful price we         paid for freedom

I will walk with them and be reminded

and have the pleasure of it and be pleased

also by the device         and I will smile

some generations hence the Negro         will

be freed         but his generations will have

tended those trees         and Richmond’s Negroes will

vie for the honor of tending them still

I will make Jim prince of those         who tend the

trees and his sons will be princes         but first

I must coin a title         that signifies

a prince         who can never become a king