Jewelry boom box spittin’ bidi bidi bom bom
he verges his groove of slapstick smoke

across our donated mosquito nets bidi bidi bom
bom all night he fingertips our omnivorous junk

in his cruel maw of tooth gaps magical realistic
funky ass choral arrangements of servitude mighty

dump truck hip-ee hip-ee dales my rotunda all
over these unsullied shimmies bidi bidi bom bom

orb-spider thighs cloaking his genocidal hunches
Momma catapulting protection abracadabras

over our twiggy panoplies we painstakingly
bedecked how many times haven’t we fallen

for mishandled precipices in the wrongheaded
entirety of machomanic evacuation asteroid

in mouth-crooked chaps guayabera deep pink
guava pulp rum & coke in his fierce prayerful

grip to bypass civility a Google-translated wink
inumbrated eyebrows to cast embered mercies

I pump bidi bidi bom bom hormonal harmonies
for his jawlined mitzvahs bidi bidi bidi bidi bidi

on wings only light will kerfuffle flight born
at his bidding va-voomed for his favor we puff

from the tail of his pickup truck we clothes-
line an underwater continent marooned & whiplashed

for genesis if carnage can charade competency
we too can corrupt castanets timbre compulsory

penances over his padded knees bidi bidi bom bom
above his life insurance policy rates coma

with anointed vanity with the right song a stone
will pass for bread break for a fool’s sunrise achieve

the love ritual cut scorn’s willy bob hither to this bomb

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