God Letter

Do I have to dress up or can I wear jeans? Dear Joaquin,
casual Sunday is a plus! Can a woman be fully present in heels?
Remember the other day at the shops, we saw the T-shirt that
read “Blessed” across the front? I know

you picked it up for me as a joke, but it made me pause. I think
I am blessed in the way I understand people to mean it: having
good fortune. But this is where faith messes with my clean concept,
because practicing Christians don’t believe blessings come

out the clear blue sky. So here’s God again, all up in the Kool-Aid.
I’m dating myself, but I mean that He gets in the way of
spiritual minimalism. He is at once contained and uncontainable,
which, intellectually, is hard to understand. So being blessed

must require that one acts in such a way that presses God to bestow
blessings, which isn’t the same thing as good fortune, but I want
to believe that people are saying, “You have such good fortune,
I hope for good fortune, too,” because it means that no one is

preaching at me like, “You have good God-God,” “Father
God I hope He Gods for us, too,” “You got God?” Et cetera.

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