We smuggle crates of Beaujolais
through the squeaky pantry door.
We steal cases of cigarettes,
borrow the bulletproof
Mercedes to race through
the capital’s empty streets.
It’s wonderful, the peace.
No local can afford a car,
except the police.
The police stand beside their cars and wave.
The police lack petrol for their cars.
There’s a beer bottle shortage in the nation.
There are no bars.

Drunk driving is a hobby.
Driving while high is an art.
No one in the bad girls’ group is not
in the back of the Mercedes,
Vijay on Ashanti drum
all the way to the beach.

Money is worthless.
Cigarettes are money.
We are thirteen.
We rent a hut roofed with palm fronds.
We lie out on the sand with our
bottles of French wine
and our Hong Kong blondes
and look up at the Atlantic
Slave Coast midnight sky:
shine all my diamonds shine
’cause they really diamonds.