Cuddly in Camo

Here comes rain on our roof!
It stays just long enough
to tickle me into writing this.

It stays just long enough
for everybody to get into
a pair of PJs (silk-cotton blend)

and then goes poof! At our best
we exude awesomeness. At our best
we are destined to turn pale

with the rest of humanity.
We are awesome and quick as
decomposing sticks at a trail’s

end. We bend dreams into circles
of green zone satire. We have
mahogany stuffed in our mahogany

ears. To all who are not us
we are sorry to say You’re welcome!
Nature thankfully adores a rumor!

A sunset! A glacier! Clouds
glimmer and cast inevitable
shadows off the groundswell

footrest. I remember you from
that time before we first met
when our eyes were wet

like summertime coasters
as we Ubered noiselessly
between pews. The aristocrats

are failing to panhandle via email.
One aristocrat is sleepily winding
through the face of another.