Dear Adam

I said cake

I said top hat

I said microphone

four little golden baby heads

wait I said pirate ghost

wait wait I said closed eye smiling cat

he scrawled back oh my god

I thought fuck yeah I can read this at the marathon

he said Eileen smiles

ehhh I can use it

the bell of my computer rang

same message

wait the cat is crying with relief

the cat is a devil now

the cat is not mad

the cat making racialized jazz

uh or not my white hands

I’m talking to everyone now.

and I’m using a filter. No I’m not

I acknowledge that there is an
image of me twice. I only recently

learned the term jazz hands

if we fucked Pennsylvania up what is our

hope to live in a stolen country that was always stolen

and worked largely by stolen people. Out of a conservative

diaspora came I mongrel poet from Massachusetts

to make my mark

love & these things and opportunities

to speak. We can’t fall down we teem in the new opportunity
we discover what resistance means

our time & blowing up the inside of my computer

buck studies

the phone says delivered

what is.

Adam says did you see my beard.

We talk about money awhile

I ride my bike. Get off the phone goes
ding. It’s his beard calling. I go oh.

you have what I want.

he says lol

then skull

then rocket

then turkey

green pistol

and a flame. I

don’t know what to say back to that

I say bike and go.

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