Massacre Song Foundation

Chorus rumbles constant throughout night
storied roots curl around obsidian
arrowhead dissolved into shaft groove
you unbuckle the stems from your leg

Coda’s systemic sameness & design
monsoon shovels clay onto hand
pushes up arm, pericardial shift dams
its build you prostrate in an office chair

Massacre song foundation roll fields hypoxic
grasses scribe a hill slope horripilation
a pronghorn horns the air stirs skin cells

Unpeel bison hide bundle
piece stem into its chamber
pillar a room with red cedar smoke

Confusion forms to recall its palms air push
different if not warranted you hear only
past reflections bounce off the keystone surface:
a beast skips on a butte
thrown across a wheeling prairie
oak shadow outline casts to your interior
walls angled from captured leaf veins

Unmoved trailer homes center scene
cottonwoods bend your head

you thumb forward then walk

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