Glitter in My Wounds

                             first and most important
                             dream our missing friends forward
                             burn their reflections into empty chairs
             we are less bound by time than the clockmaker fears
this morning all I want is to follow where the stone angels point
                      birdsong lashing me to tears
                              heterosexuals need to see our suffering
                   the violent deaths of our friends and lovers
       to know glitter on a queer is not to dazzle but to
  unsettle the foundation of this murderous culture
         defiant weeds smashing up through cement
                      you think Oscar Wilde was funny
                     well Darling I think he was busy
                             distracting straight people
so they would not kill him
if you knew how many times I
have been told you’re not like my
gay best friend who tells me
jokes and makes me laugh
no I sure as fuck am not
I have no room in my life to
audition for your pansy mascot
you people can’t kill me and
think you can kill me again
I met a tree in Amsterdam and
stood barefoot beside it for twenty
minutes then left completely restored
     yet another poem not written by a poet
                    sometimes we need one muscle to
                                     relax so the others follow
                                 my friend Mandy calls after a
                               long shift at the strip club to say
                             while standing in line for death I am
                        fanning my hot pussy with your new book
                   will you sign it next week my fearless faggot sister