The Hastily Assembled Angel Falls at the Beginning of the World

Except most things weren’t clouds      everything there

Was clouds      the hastily assembled angel

Before he knew the word      clouds was the last word

He heard the other angels shouting as

They shoved him      though he after he had fallen

Too far to hear them he      saw their mouths mak-

ing shapes that were not clouds      and when he saw that

Thought That’s      something that isn’t clouds that      shouting

After I’ve fallen too far to hear them don’t

They know      I’ve fallen too far to hear them now

Or are we not together now before

He knew the word      in those few minutes the oth-

er angels were assembling him      he named

The things he saw with words that seemed to fit them

Nothing was heavenly a few things were

Ocean and hole and monkeyapple he

Before the other angels shoved him      had

Started combining words      but nobody

Would name the things he saw the way he named them

And to the other angels all his naming

Was noise they shouted      as they shoved him It’s

All clouds      what difference could it make      to the angel

Built to monitor the Earth      from the surface

Of  the Earth      what was or wasn’t true in Heaven

They shoved him then      they stared and then they shouted

After the disappearing figure all

The things they suddenly remembered      they had

Forgotten to tell him      as they were hammer-

ing him together as they hammered him

Together and behind them      but above

Behind      a pinkish light that was or was-

n’t God pulsed      like the heart of  one of  the creatures

God hadn’t yet created though the angels

Had seen the creatures coming in the waves

Then covering the Earth      the angels had

Seen them      and didn’t want to be assigned

To live with them      and so had voted to

Build their own angel but they didn’t ask

Permission first instead they built him quick-

ly      and as Gabriel asked God      if  this

New angel could be sent instead to Earth

Fresh      eyes for a fresh world the other angels

Shoved him the hastily assembled angel

From the cloud and Heaven      he      the hastily

Assembled angel could see      farther than

The other angels though he couldn’t under-

stand what he saw as well      as the other angels

Might have      and as he fell he saw their mouths mak-

ing shapes he saw the light behind them      pulsing

And as he fell he watched the clouds becoming

Abstract      as any other angel would

From Heaven watch a species go extinct

Even as dry land emerged from the waves below him