pyramidal, its certain form

pyramidal, its certain form
certain it is a form    wittgenstein or anyone
can think of a stag in their mind
but not be able to shoot that stag
and where is all that everlovin antimatter
that matter supposedly co-creates?
at the end of the dream, the poem
at the end of everything    what else, the end    sighs sor juana
the doors have an 11-minute song called ‘the end’
which feels serious when you are 11 and stupid
six or eight months later    nor did I offer up my own dream
which was a meadow in my cup    meadowtation ha ha ha
the ship kissed the sands of galenic shores at the buttressed
end of my dream where spectacles do not fear to interpose
long fallen out of  the mouth of vishnu    so long gabriel so long usen
now the instrument of my reflection no longer necessary since
the inside is the out    and I’ve jiggered the mechanism
such that my jacket’s always dry & clean & my
cock is hard only when I want    no more embarrassing
sublunarities    and my cunt is wet just as my lover thinks
of fucking it    cities appear    golden to my gaze    a figure
empyreal    arises in shadow    long for this world    aching on the
threshold of my upturned arse and my one
ways and means, lilified cloak enmaned
w/ tresses, baldly dignified, the cloak was
regal it did not speak, yet diogenes leapt on it, yet the trumpets
pointed one direction    entrained to a kind of roseate beam
the same pink beam philip k. dick saw
emanating from the fish necklace around the neck of
that delivery girl he saw in his doorway after he’d
had his wisdom teeth removed
that same beam that triangulated
w/ arcturus, aka alpha boötis, to flash up and
hit it smack in the third eye till it and we and we are bent sobbing,
having given up our library, having died of the
plague and worse, having vowed never again to write w/ pen and ink
having inscribed yo la peor, I the worst, in blood
on the back of a dirty pamphlet, but oh what
unmiserable mind is this    no me miserum    noli me tangere
nothing miserable    nothing touches me

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