Spell for a hole

After Mondongo’s “Políptico de Buenos Aires” and María Teresa Hincapié’s “Una cosa es una cosa”

born here a mutation. given a mutation. immediately. in what they name misery village 31.

             what do you see, said brother, exiled to another quadrant?

in the middle a hole. to one side a highway birth appearing much more Thursday. close to us a
demolition attached to bullet train. hole right here. box here. steel threads. steel cars there. bumps on
wax surface here. seats to magic mutating show up above and diagonal.

                                                                                                   who cannot return to examine hole
asks remaining ones: do you see?
                                               ten boxes leaking on his back. mother’s tooth and eye. 40,000 brick
shacks demand windows. neighbors punch holes for water.

          do you see?
hole here a singer with scaffold mouth          singer born a string of golden altered light         singer
with a radioactive suitcase      mirror lined with silver teeth          door full of crabs           singer a mouth
in boat full of mattress          paper bag masquerading as zinc roof            an eye against all false honey
          body in corner is a paper bag no a dispersing skyrise brother who hasn’t written his lesson yet

          how to have peace?
an exquisite purple blind in the one purple house closed to sun     a scattered business emptying drains
overnight because government won’t do it    we all paid before each breakfast
                       under soil there are more stories alone

you see?
                                               landmark eye plucked from ostrich?
           hair line remediators shamefully planted because of refractory mistake?

           collector says village 31 full of growing miserables asks for bodies which contain fabric
sees 500 tiny threads collected as fees in jars           not alone water          not alone electricity     not
alone highway use       modification IDs if you must poke blood

I know you took them hole there and charged five pennies for a soft creature                  all flowers
here      on the flip side, lightseekers attend a cathedral of  spreadsheets searching new red skies
                      on the flip side, a healthy boy sits in chair reading alone a masterpiece

single knife      single thread              single hole
                                                                                             a soft penny for a breath