Pied Booty

Glory be to God for sexy things—
For cries of coupled lovers as they bind and bow;
For moles that on her hip’ll make his dolphin swim,
Fresh and fired up; nutty balls; G-strings;
Lovescapes pulsing and flesh-shoaled—furrow and plow;
And all shapes, their leer and freckle and whim.

All people dumpy, bald, regressive, strange;
Whoever is fickle, faithful (who knows how?)
With slick, abrasive; sweet, sour; disheveled, trim;
Who father-forth and mother-forth all change—
Praise Him.

Dabney Stuart, “Pied Booty,” from Poetry (July/August 2005). Copyright © 2005 by Dabney Stuart.
Source: Poetry (Poetry Foundation, 2005)
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