For you are like their parent
                                       who is never pleased
                  and they are like your parent
                                                            who cannot stay angry

For you are like a child

For age after age
                                       they conceive you
                  and despite the pain of birth
                                                            they bring you forth

For they call you perfect   
                                       though your hands are missing
                  and though your heart does not beat
                                                            they give you a name

For they remember you

For they hold you blameless
                                       in their sorrow
                  though they were surely happiest
                                                            before you arrived

For your identical twin
                                       they name Silence
                  and when they feed Silence
                                                            he grows

For they love Silence
                                       as they would have loved you
                  even more perhaps
                                                            as old age comes
and they forget
                                       the sound of your cry
                  and where the exact spot was
                                                            they spread your ashes

and how those ashes
                  when the wind blew them
                                                            into their mouths

Father in their dreams
                                       they worry still
                  perhaps it is you
                                                            who lives among them

and not Silence
                                       after all   
                  mistakes happen
                                                            after all

how would anyone know

and the midwives
                                       forgive them
                  forgive them
                                                            were only human

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