Come in from the Rain

Stick that bumbershoot
in elephant’s-foot

brolly stand behind
the big door. Mind

your manners at High Tea.
Hi, you. High ve-

locity hailstones cream
passersby beyond the panes. I dream

of Jeannie, starring Bar-
bara Eden, of Eden, star-

ring Eve and Adam, of Adam
Cartwright, a.k.a. the let-'em-

Trapper John. Pander

to the mass-man mass-taste,
that’s my motto. Waste

the day, the life, the villain
with depression, fill-in-

the-wrong-blanks misap-
prehension, dum-dums. Nap

an hour through the Buddy
Ebsen as a perspicacious fuddy-

duddy whodunit. Then produce
the silver teapot, loose

Earl Grey and table water
slabs. Somebody’s daughter

carries on the grand tradition
in the grandma manner. Wishin’

you were here don’t place you
in the old wing chair. Face you

in the photos, china, art
on parlor walls. It’s raining in my heart.

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