Poems About Trees

I have written a couple of poems about trees
poems about trees and snakes and lakes and birds
poems about nature and life in New England
I write crappy poems and eat babies
if you like poems about trees you’re in for a treat

when I get nervous I get hyper and bump into people
I read to them what MapQuest gave me
round during then in the mom seeker panties
to help me narrow down the slut thing word jobs
rawr I’m too stupid to be able to make my point clear

if you for critique you eventually works at what a
chromosome disorder speech theory itch be responsible
congratulations, really nice birth control
is the most important challenge to vintage porn food stamps
and then I thought only God etc. (i.e. chemicals about progesterone)

the woods are full of police
90% Khalil Gibran, 10% carved wooden men
that can see souls at night
but I, warlike, considering gray cream for attire
enjoying impossible “nudes on ice,” more death

as though your hands were hollow and sequently
the big soprano going back to her church
because her crazy French mom does and no one knows why
brainwashed creationists go ever yodeling to attract
the jolly echo of a forest of orange sauce
“you anus look like a chicken pie”
I hate you, dig me up

people write poems about trees and the words
are shaped like a tree

kids are stupid

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