From Whose Beauty the Depths Are Lit

By Anonymous
Translated by Peter Cole

When one stands before the throne of glory, he begins reciting
the hymn that the throne of glory sings each day:

King of kings,
God of gods
and Lord of lords,
encircled by braided branches of crowns—
encompassed by branching commanders of radiance—
who covers the heavens with wings of His splendor
and in His majesty appears on high;
from whose beauty the depths are lit,
whose glory flashes across the sky—
proud envoys shoot forth from His form,
powerful creatures explode from His crown,
and princes course from the folds of His robe.
All the trees rejoice at His word
as the grasses delight in His joy—
and His words pour forth as fragrance
in flames of issued fire,
proffering pleasure to those who search them
and peace to those who make them live.