GTA: San Andreas (or, “Grove Street, bitch!”)

I play on Grove Street,
live on Grove Avenue.

Find me in the streets dressed
in greens like groves.

On the avenue, I’m a blue
jeans type of guy.

In the streets, never leave
home w/out my 9mm.

On the avenue, always carry
my pen & wine key, in case

some fool blows his cork.
My UZI sings songs in

the streets—rat-a-tat-tat.
Birds chirp-chirp-chirp

in trees on the avenue.
Rolling down the street

w/my lady—what she wanna do?
“Let’s do a drive-by.”

Rushing down the avenue
w/my baby: “I’m hungry.

Let’s do drive-thru.”
I’ll punch punks purple & blue

in the streets, bleed ’em w/bullets.
On the avenue, I’ll leave punching

to punks dressed in blues, reds,
et cetera & mind my own.

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