“Gymnopédies No. 1”

That was the week
            it didn’t stop snowing.

That was the week
             five-fingered trees fell

             on houses & power lines
             broke like somebody waiting

for payday in a snowstorm.
That snow week, my daughter

& I trudged over the broken branches
             fidgeting through snow

             like hungry fingers through
             an empty pocket.

Over the termite-hollowed stump
as squat as a flat tire.

             Over the hollow
             the fox dives into
when we open the back door at night.

That was the week of snow
             & it glittered like every
             Christmas card we could
             remember while my daughter

poked around for the best place
to stand a snowman. One

with a pinecone nose.
             One with thumb-pressed

             eyes to see the whole
picture once things warm up.

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