At a Bus Stop in El Barrio

Tha’ vahnahnah go-een to keel joo.

Excuse me?

Tha’ vahnahnah    ...    go-een to keel joo.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand.

O’ káy. Sô    ...    vahnahnah haf sostahnence, nô?

Uh — 

O’ káy. Ees troo if  joo haf sostahnence, joo problee leev anothe’ thay?

I suppose so, look — 

Alrigh. If  joo ee tha’ vahnahnah, joo weel be leeving ôp a-hed, righ?

Yeah alright, so?

O’ káy. Are joo thy-een now?


Are joo thy-een now — a’ thees momen?

I hope not.

O’ káy. Ees troo    ...    ôp a-hed — joo thy some poin?

Of course.

Alrigh, sô, vahnahnah poosh you there.


Tha’ vahnahnah go-een to keel joo, baby.

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